Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate clearly how their proposed projects fit within the range of WRF aims and goals. Applications should cover the following items:
  • a summary of the project. 
  • a summary of the applicant's scientific or/and professional background.
  • an assessment of the importance of the project for the field of BP.
  • a full description of the project, including:
The Foundation is fully dependent on the flow of income in order to realise its objectives. If you support the goals of the WRF, and if you recognise their importance, you can contribute in the following ways:
  • one-off or periodic donations by PayPal
  • transfers sent directly to our bank acccount:
Fund-raising for Body Psychotherapy
  • notarized grants or legacies
For any tax-deduction benefits, you must rely on your national tax regulations. For your information: WRF is established in the Netherlands and is registered as a recognised non-profit organisation (ANBI) with tax-deduction facilities for Dutch citizens.

We hope for your understanding, enthusiasm and support. Above all we trust that the support offered will generate new impulses and possibilities to enrich BP and make it well represented.

Stichting Wilhelm Reich Foundation
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL49 INGB 0004 3879 03 BIC: INGBNL2A
Applications should be written in English and must be sent as a Word pdf-document to the WRF Board, Applicants should be aware that, in case of any actual support of their project by WRF, they commit themselves to mention WRF's contribution in their final results. Likewise, any final results should be made available through appropriate EABP communication channels.

  • a description of the methodology involved.
  • literature resources.
  • any named people or instances involved in the realization of the project.
  • a budget with an overview of financial details so far and the amount wanted from WRF.
  • the prearranged possibilities for publication or/and production.
  • a time frame.