The name is chosen in honour of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).
The life and work of Wilhelm Reich is characterised by extremely strong contrasts. On the one hand, he had an international reputation as an important incorruptible psychoanalyst and
a natural scientist; on the other, he was frequently vilified as a charlatan and a quack. In all the public, professional and scientific fields that he engaged with, his discoveries and analyses evoked violent controversies, usually fed by the conservative stronghold.
He was expelled by the International Psychoanalytic Society.
The communist party put a ban on his books. And eventually his research discoveries and books were burnt by order of  American authorities. Reich himself often stated that he had discovered too much.
He was convinced that one red thread runs continuously through all the complexities of human, social, psychological, and biological sciences: the theme of bio-energetic sensitivity and mobility of all living matter. Reich considered that the crucial task of our age is getting a hold on this red thread.
He succeeded in penetrating far into the mystery of life, and of life-energy. He discovered how energy could become stuck in the body, as character armour or as a result of collective social and political oppression. Reich brought the indissoluble connectedness of physical, psychological and social functions to the attention of our culture and this awareness is still growing and has inspired modern research. He is one of the most important founders of
Body Psychotherapy and an inspiring source of knowledge and broad insight.
With respect, admiration and gratitude for his unremitting search for knowledge, which also caused him to end up in jail after a humiliating witch-hunt, we have named our foundation the Wilhelm Reich Foundation.
The WRF was registered in February 2014 as "Stichting Wilhelm Reich Foundation", with the short form "WRF", and has its office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
It is registered and controlled as a governmentally approved non-profit organisation* (ANBI). In its statutes, the WRF is defined as a European-wide organisation. The statutes include a connection with the EABP, the European Association of Body Psychotherapy. On relevant points the statutory objectives coincide with those of the EABP and at least two members of the WRF Board have to be EABP members with EABP Board approval.

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