In November 2014 WRF backed the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project by Kevin Hinchey with the amount of US $ 1,500. Kevin wrote us:
"Thank you all very much.  But I think congratulations go to you, too, and others like you who are devoted to Reich's legacy and supported this project. This campaign would not have succeeded without you. Thanks again so much for your generosity and support. Best, Kevin". For further information about this project click here

In May 2015 WRF has granted Ulfried Geuter a fund for his writing of the follow-up of his book 'Körperpsychotherapie - Grundriss einer Theorie für die klinische Praxis', Springer Verlag, 2015, ISBN978-3-642-04014-8. This second book will show how to apply body psychotherapeutic methods in working with clients. Expected to be published in 2016 by Springer Verlag.
Fund-raising for Body Psychotherapy